As part of a group of entrepreneurs I collaborated with a software engineer and a marketing expert to develop Datashelves, a Q&A online service for market knowledge information, creating multiple iterations for the Interaction and Visual Design, using the Customer Development Approach.

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I was part of a team of entrepreneurs coming from different backgrounds, but with the same passion to build and design a new product. Datashelves is a Q & A website focused on helping users to find out their answers to their questions using hard data. We wanted to create a site that helps people find the best source to answer their questions with hard data. By experience we knew that the information is out there. However, if you are not an expert in the topic, it can take too long to find it. We figured that if we were having this problem, others may have it too. This is how our journey with Datashelves started.


We used Customer Development approach, part of the Lean Startup® framework. To test our assumptions we decided to launch the Minimal Viable Product (MVP) based on previous market research. The product is still in the customer discovery phase, proposing a MVP and potential funnels to move on the customer validation phase.

Datashelves MVP: Landing Page, Sign up, and Search results Features.